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Automate Deployment With IBM UrbanCode

IBM provides a tool called IBM UrbanCode deploy for automating application deployments through different environments (Dev,Test,Production,etc). This software enables your team to deploy as often as needed—on demand or on a schedule, and with self-service. UrbanCode Deploy can help your …

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Make your Microsoft Dynamics CRM investement a success with API integration & Bluemix

Managing customer relationships relies on our ability collect, store and manage customer data, and then and trigger business processes which lead to sales or allow enterprises to stay closer with it’s customers.
Unfortunately many customers fail to realize their investments in Dynamics …

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Nexright driving Banking innovation leveraging API Economy

The millennials will soon constitute up to half the global workforce by 2020 and it is only natural for public serving organizations like banks to pay heed to their concerns. Banking—according to a study by Viacom, a media network—faces the …

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IBM MQ Light – What’s in a name?

“A picture paints a thousand words”. A well-known phrase. Undoubtedly true, but a single word can be critical. Change a single word and the meaning of a sentence, a paragraph, maybe a whole book or more could be altered. So …

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