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API Management for SAP

SAP has recently partnered with Apigee to provide an API management layer to SAP’s back end assets including customers using SAP Gateway. As the majority of enterprises evolve to enable mobile, cloud, Saas – SAP needs to façade BAPI and …

APIs belong in your security strategy

The proliferation of smartphones, tablets and wearables as well as technology advances like HTML5 have lead to an explosion of APIs across the enterprise. Forcing legacy web access management (WAM) systems or expensive gateway appliances into this new API economy …

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API Security & OAuth Accelerators

API Security for OAuth enabled Enterprise App Store Some of our accelerators Partner application life cycle management – example solution patterns
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Happy Holidays from Nexright

Season’s Greetings

As 2014 draws to a close, I would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season and all the best for 2015! Kids, family, loved ones, wherever you are, it is a time for all of us to enjoy …

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Nexright Cloud Brokerage Solutions – ServiceNow SalesForce Integration

Nexright’s ServiceNow and SalesForce integration helps your organization in integrating SalesForce with
ServiceNow’s flexible incident and request management applications in order to improve service levels while minimizing the customer churn rate.
The Nexright pre-built solution bundle allows you to synchronize and …

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Banks could become Identity brokers to spur innovation and to create Banking Apps market place

Banks could become identity brokers by analyzing and using the information they know about their clients, and giving that insight over to customers or other vendors for specific products and services, like insurance, and creditworthiness.
There is a significant behavioral gap …

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Maximize your ECommerce investment with Nexright Retail Service Bus

For digital enabled retail business, real time information and single data view is critical as part of the business strategy. Nexright’s accelerated eCommerce solution will help retailers in
• Strategy to convert Web commerce into an …

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