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Banking : Design your APIs to be Context aware

Success in today’s data-oriented business environment requires being able to think about how API, Data & Analytic concepts apply to particular business problems. Data and data science can provide value in the context of Bank’s business & competitor strategy …

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Responsive UI framework based on Node.js and Swagger framework

Nexright NodeJS framework is based on open source components including Swagger, DevOps, Angular.js, Node.js including MEAN stack combined  enables compo-sable enterprise and allows adaptive App development leveraging APIs.
Swagger, defines a standard, language-agnostic interface to REST APIs which allows both humans and computers to …

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Reactive to proactive Government with Open data & APIs

Government agencies need to provide a public API offering  to enable government staff and the public to dynamically access government data.

According to Aneesh Chopra, first Chief Technology Officer of the United States government, there is a need for creating an …

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Enabling Enterprise Mobility with APIs

1. Introduction
API stands for application programming interface. An API can provide a hook for colleagues, partners, or
third-party developers to access data and services to build applications such as iPhone apps quickly.
The Twitter and Facebook APIs are famous examples. There are …

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Consider OWSAP and Comprehensive security as part of API development guidelines

Hu-Bot enforcing Secure Coding practice
With the recent increase in attack vector and threats,  an enormous amount of sensitive, personally identifiable data of consumers has been captured by unknown hackers, so organizations needs to build the necessary cyber resilience. As the organizations allow REST based programmatic access …

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SAML 2.0 Bearer Assertion Profile for OAuth 2.0

This blog provides an overview of using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) assertion as means for requesting an OAuth 2.0 access token. Here, Ping Federate acts as an OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server accepting the user authentication and authorization details from the …

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